Blacktail and Marz - Blacktail Advice Corner: Capes

Comic 204 - Blacktail Advice Corner: Capes

24th Nov 2019, 9:47 PM in Blacktail Advice Corner
Blacktail Advice Corner: Capes
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bizarremoon 24th Nov 2019, 9:47 PM edit delete
So, straying away momentarily from the "Hostage Earth" story, here's a little something for fun called "Blacktail's Advice Corner." Here is where Blacktail gives advice about random questions you ask him.

Today's comic is him giving advice to Ariane from Theater of the Bloody Tongue

If you wish to ask Blacktail any questions, also feel free to ask them in the comments below and they might show up in the next segment of "Blacktail's Advice Corner." :)


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NeilKapit 28th Feb 2020, 12:31 AM edit delete reply
Well that’s the best explanation yet for how that movie became so popular
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